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Since 2004, we've been providing a cycle-powered PA system for select green events. This website is now split into several sections; basic info about what we do for event organisers & musicians, technical information about what I've built for those who may wish to build a similar system, and also a few notes on small renewable energy systems. But why...?

practicalities: we needed one. ;-) We can run an amplified event in any location without a mains supply, and without the drone of a generator constatly running, only the gentle whirr of bicycle wheels. For quieter events we can run the amplifiers for a while on a fully charged battery, making sure we recharge the battery afterwards.

politics: it is a great demonstration of not only what can be done, but how much physical effort is required to power something we take for granted - i.e. loud music. We don't do any formal educational work, but are happy, at appropriate times, to discuss the system; this website is part of that.