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This is the full facilities system, of up to four bicycles, powering the PA at up to around 300W maximum load.

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We offer a vocal/acoustic PA, with backline amps for electric bass & lead guitars, and one or two monitor mixes - sufficent for most bands & acts - we also offer simple lighting for evening events. What we don't provide is mains electricity for musician's own equipment - there simply isn't the power - but with enough discussion a solution can be found for most requirements. We can also provide a 4 octave electronic keyboard when required.

Where possible - both to minimise transport requirements and add to the community spirit of the event - we ask that not only do the audience provide the power, but appropriate bicycles are provided locally, although we can bring bicycles if necessary.

For those interested in the technical aspects of the PA system further details are given on the appropriate pages, but a simple spec is given below. Power outputs are very approximate, depending on the type of event and power available, but we've yet to find we don't have sufficient volume for an agreed job. For some acts (harp players, for example) the system can be run from the reserve battery (avoiding the gentle noise from the bicycles), but only if plenty of effort is provided to recharge the batteries afterward, and always at the discretion of the engineer.

stereo front of house PA - approx 250W rms total
monitors - two channels with seaparate speakers - 70w max
bass amp - 70w head with speaker (musician can provide their own cab, and are indeed encouraged to) guitar amp - 50W combo with built in overdrive, chorus & delay
up to six mics & stands
twelve channel mixing desk (expandable if necessary) with outboard digital reverb
two speech quality radio mics
low enerfy flourescent & LED stage lighting system