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Other pedal-powered system information

Campaign for Real Events - Nick Mercer virtually built our first two generators for us - accept no imitations!
Rinky Dink - one of the best-known pedal powered systems, notable for being mobile itself
Cyclonator - a system that runs from a tandem style generator, with a unique switched-mode control system
Magnificent Revolution - cycle powered cinema system, PA, courses & more
Electric Pedals - SE based sound system, biult a 100 bike system to power a house for the BBC.
Bicycology - a cycling based campaign group - they have trailer-based systems that can be played on the move, then charged up from a turbo-trainer based charger when static.
Steward Wood - pedal generators they have built for themselves.
Open Renewables - information on charge controllers & other equipment

if you have a similar system and would like to be listed here, we'd love it if you got in touch. This is especially useful for passing on events that we can't do - being able to pass on a request to a more local system would be ideal.

Acts who have played through our system include:

Seize the Day, Robin Williamson, Taxi Pata Pata, Will Hodgson, Fiona Davidson, Kangaroo Moon, Daughters of Elvin, Chris Wood, Monica Stadler, Jim Faupel.

Related organisations

Critical Mass - world-wide monthly cycle ride/morale booster
Braziers Park - venue for several festivals we do
Greenchoices - useful green lifestyle site
John's Eco House

Electronics links

simple mixer circuit - if you're going to build an audio mixer for 12v use, you could do a lot worse than start with this - avoid less than six or eight inputs, even if they don't all have 'full facilities'.
Redrok - useful circuit source for low voltage & renewable energy systems.
Fieldlines - renewable technology message board
CPC - mail order of electronic parts, including many 12v acccessories, amplifiers etc
Maplin - high st electronics retailers, again including amplifiers, PA equipment and components
Cricklewood electronics mail order of PA and component parts