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I include these pages as not every renewable energy system has to be big, or 12v. If all you need is a light and a radio, these can still be made a flexible system. Small battery powered items can share a supply charged from renewable sources, often more than one.

The simplest system - which often turns out to be the best - is to use removable rechargeable batteries, which can be charged by whatever means is available - solar charger, hand winding, a bike dynamo or even mains. Alternatively a device's batteries can be externally charged while the unit is still in use. As an example, wind up radios often have an external charger socket; connect a small solar panel to this, and it'll charge whenever power is available. As with everything on this site, everything depends on your own requirements, so try what you like,but at your own risk; a little practical lnowledge is helpful here, as with most things.