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DI Boxes at Lamas Gamesmicrophones - we use a mixture of microphones, mainly Shure SM 58 and Beringer XM8500 dynamic microphones, currently six in total. We also have a selection of stands for these microphones.

radio microphones - we also have a simple two channel radio mic system, although not of great quality, available on request. This does however come in useful for speech acts, question and answer sessions etc. It orginally required an external 6v supply, so an extra voltage regulator was added internally, allowing it to run directly from 12v DC.

DI boxes - we can provide up to four passive DI boxes and four channels of active DI for direct connection of instruments to the PA system.

reverb unit - another car boot sale turned up a Yamaha DR100 unit which offers for 'sizes' of reverb, which has been more than adequate for acts so far. This convenients ran from an external DC power supply, and so no modification was required. It can also function as an emergency microphone preamp if ever required.

electronic keyboard - if neccessary, we also have a five octave home keyboard - a Casio CTK530. It has the usual internal sounds including pianos and organs, and also midi out if you have a battery-powered midi sound module...

CD player - we normally have a CD or mp3 player to play music in between acts, rather than a full DJ system. This has also been used to play artist's backing tracks when necessary, although we would recommend in that case to bring your own player, if only for your own ease of use.

your equipment - all electronic gadgets must have their own power, or with sufficient communication in advance can be fed with 12v from our system.