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I've tried to put as much technical/construction info on this site as I can - I've replied to many emails asking me 'how do I build one', so it's better to write it out once. If you want to build a similar system, be aware that as well as enthusiasm you'll need technical knowledge and practical abilities; you'll have a lot of problem solving to do. Having said that, I'm here to encourage people to build similar systems, not put them off. ;-)

Firstly, see what you have to start with - hopefully speakers, mics, a bike or two? One way to build a bike-powered music system is to use an existing mains-powered system and power it using an inverter. That's been successfully done, and reduces the amount of specialist kit you need to build, but I choose not to - using an inverter adds another layer of inefficiency, but it also makes it much harder to control power demand, especially if you find yourself powering other people's kit. If you have plenty of power this may not be a problem, but otherwise it's an unnecessary complication. There are also safety implciations when using mains in temporary, public setups which I choose to avoid.