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The larger system needs vehicular transport to events; I wanted a smaller system that can still be useful, but can be powerd - and transported - on one bike. Therefore we also offer a much smaller system for recorded music, singer songwriters, even small bands, and successfully ran the children's stage at Kingston Green Fair for several years. Much of the equipment can also be used in a complete mobile battery powered system that plays music as it moves, which is often used in evenst & demos.

This is the system in use at the children's stage at Kingston Green Fair; one speaker was left on the pannier frame, the other was on the far side of the stage, although it could be placed on the front pannier frame on the same side for a much more compact system.

Exact specs depend on use, but for a static small stage system, carried to the event by bike, expect a 70W stereo speaker system, at least one mic (but probably only one stand, practically), but inputs for guitar & other instruments, and also for recorded music from CD or mp3 player.